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A view of Hell (Cayman Islands - 35mm scan)
Brook tunnel (35mm scan)
Silhouette (35mm scan)
Dandelion (35mm scan)

Everyone has pictures, boxes of pictures, albums of pictures, bags of pictures and these days, hard drives full of pictures. What good are they if no one ever gets to see them? Pictures need to be shared and here at Photogallery I'd like to share some of the many pictures I've taken over the years.

Most of the images presented here are recently taken with my digital camera but I have been adding scanned images from 35mm pictures I have had stored away in those albums, boxes and bags. There's no point in keeping them hidden.

These are "just pictures", images of ordinary scenes that many of us pass by every day without ever paying much attention. They're the simple things, a bright red sunrise, the stream from the top of a hill, a flower or the foliage in the fall. There's no intention to pretend these pictures are art, just day to day images to be shared and enjoyed.

Not to worry, I promise there won't be any personal images of family and friends slipped in to bore you, that isn't the intent of Photogallery. So feel free to just poke around and take a look. Just click on the thumbnails to get a larger image or click on the slide show link to scroll through all the images on a page. Who knows maybe you'll run across something familiar and maybe, just maybe, you'll look at things around you a little closer.

I've added a new category for those image galleries dedicated to a specific place. Hopefully it will make it a little easier to find your way around. If you have any questions or comments about the galleries please feel free to email me. webmaster@familyqwest.com

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